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Paint Project: [WM] High Paladin Dartan Vilmon – Part 3

As Promised, we’ve got the finished Vilmon here today. I did forget to get all the intermediate pictures though, sorry guys. I got into the painting zone and got carried away. Not that my army’s painted status is complaining, mind you.

First up we’ve got the basically finished paint job. The face has been fleshed in, the gold has been based and inked, and extreme highlights are all around done now. One tip I picked up for doing extreme highlights on gold: paint a little yellow first then put the white highlight on that, leaving a little bit of yellow. Works out rather nicely.  Do need to mix in a little more dark green for the base red next time though :/

After that it’s just a matter of final assembly, touch-ups (including the otherwise missed menofix on his hat), and basing. Then off to the light box for some decent pictures.

The next big painting project will be the Harbinger of Menoth. She’ll be my primary warcaster and is the biggest and most complex model in my Menoth army, making her a prime centerpiece. It’s going to be a much bigger project for her.

Paint Project: [WM] High Paladin Dartan Vilmon – Part 2

I’ve gotten the base colors down now. Namely the undercoats for the white, read, and leather areas. Have a look:

I’m avoiding the gold areas for now. I find metallics make a good final color to work on provided they’re not stuck down in some crevice, especially since they cover over anything that got a little “outside the lines”. Since the face is surrounded by gold metal colors, I’ll worry about it later as well.

In the meantime, I put the mid-tones on. I’m going for a base color, mid-tone, highlight, and extreme highlight. So 4 layers of colors with several layers of the first 3 to give a more blended effect.

I use a slightly damp brush and watered down paints to do the blending. Brush on a little of the paint, then drag it out to blend it with the damp brush, or to remove any excess that presents too strong of a color change.

The same technique goes into the highlights.

That’s all for now. I’ll be doing the gold and face both in a base coat, ink wash, highlight, and extreme highlight setup.  Should have those completed and up in time for next week’s Thursday post 🙂

Painting Project – [WM] High Paladin Dartan Vilmon – Part 1

I’m getting ready to paint up one of my character solos for my growing Protectorate of Menoth WARMACHINE army. I thought you might like to see how I do it and follow along.

1st thing you need to understand about me, I’m not a fast painter. While I can understand someone who wants to just make something quick and easy to paint, I have a tendency more towards making every mini I paint push my skills. This means they often take a lot of time. Of course it also means I like to try speed-boosting tips to see if I can speed it up some. In the end, I have an army full of models I’m happy to display and they really make the game more enjoyable for both sides in a game, in my experience.

For this project, I’ve already green stuffed Vilmon into his base and primed him and his extra bits. Since several of the pieces fit together very tightly and I’d like to paint in those tight areas since they’re still visible, I opted for painting prior to full assembly. To keep the primer off the areas I’ll need to be gluing later, I used little bits of blue-tac to cover the joints. Once primed we have this:

I’ve been learning how to use Vallejo paints lately and have quite enjoyed the results they’ve been allowing me to readily achieve. What I like is how they’re already thinner and easily thinned further, making blending a snap. Plus the bottles have built-in droppers making it super easy to get repeatable paint mixes. And the paints themselves build up a nice even color when all is said and done. I don’t have all the colors I’d like just yet, so I’m still mixing in some citadel paints now and then, as well as using a couple of their ink washes (chestnut in particular). For mixing the paints I use a set of ceramic tiles for palettes (a little hot water soak is all it takes to clean off even week-old dried paint) and a couple larger citadel brushes to do the actual mixing work.

You’ll also note that everything is on a big paper sheet. I got a set of old dot-matrix paper that I use to cover my painting table. Makes cleanup a snap and gives a good surface to wipe the excess from a drybrush prep on. Any cheap paper can work just as well though. I also have a thin plastic kitchen cutting board underneath the paper. That little addition really saves the table when I get the hobby knife out to clean and build models.

I also keep a lot of brushes handy. 2 or 3 of the most used sizes so I can rotate them as I’m painting. This lets the brushes rest, dry, and condition a little, which helps them keep a point better when you go back to use them next time.