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CotC: Eldar Pathfinder

“Conversions on the Cheap”, or CotC is something I do frequently with whatever bits I happen to have left over. In this case, I had 8 regular guardians still on the sprue and no desire to field a second guardian squad in my eldar corsair army. But, some rangers or pathfinders would be just fine.

A little background before I get too far along: My eldar corsairs are a labor of love, very heavy on greenstuff work and conversions and painted to a higher standard then my chaos marines. The army’s conception came about after reading in the eldar codex that supposedly there were equal numbers of men and women in the eldar army. You’d never know it from the miniatures range though, which is about 95% guys. I had also recently watched an anime series called Sol Bianca about a small band of female space pirates. Cue neat idea… convert up an all-female eldar army, which’ll give it a unique flair, and make it a corsair army as well to twist the theme a bit more.

So, an all-female army means lots of converting, and lots of trouble. Several of the metal minis are in rather difficult positions to be trying to add breasts. Luckily though that’s about all you have to do if the faces are covered since eldar are all pretty lithe to start with. The official ranger / pathfinder minis are made of metal and wear big old camo robes and hold big rifles over their chests. Not exactly prime girlification candidates. But guardians? ¼ of them are girls to begin with (one of 3 units in the codex to sport some boobs).

So I started tweaking a couple guardian models around, adjusting the poses, reconfiguring a few things on the guns to make them look a little more rifle-ish, etc etc. Instead of trying to greenstuff on a bulky cloak, I opted to instead add a lot of flock to their outfits and paint the armor itself to match the dirt and stone the army is based with.

I just wrapped up the first test mini and I think this will work out just fine.