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This Week In Painting: 03/23/09

I finished up a couple of small commissions this past week. Just some random reaper minis, but they turned out to be a lot of fun. I gotta say, I’m a fan of Werner Klock’s sculpting. He’s one of the few mini sculptors that seems to be able to nail the feminine figure in miniature, and do it consistently.

We have the dynamic duo, the paladin in green, and the anti-paladin in purple. Enjoy!

Grey Knight Justicar, Ahoy!

Well, I got the first Grey Knight Justicar all finished up in time to post today. Hope you like him 🙂

I like how the base came out. The armor was painted using the official scheme, though next time I’ll thin out the blue ink just a tad more. Likewise the purple ink on the fabric will be thinned a bit. Still, for a first try, not too shabby. The purple livery is going to be one of the binding visual elements for my army. Both the Sisters of Battle, and the Grey Knights, along with the Inquisitor in charge, will all have some purple livery on them.

The spade on his personal heraldry was my first attempt at using waterslide transfers. Yeah, I know it’s a tad off-center, but not enough to notice at a glance on the table-top. My idea is to have each grey knight squad have a different suit. This one is the Ace of Spades, the rest of his squad will be sporting spades with some different black patterns mixed into the red background. At least, they will whenever I get my hands on some more grey knights to paint 😛

This Week in Painting 10/30/08

Well, it’s been a slow week. I work retail at a toy store and business is picking up, which also means so are my hours. And I ended up farm-sitting for my folks during a week-long trip out of state. Upside, I got a variety of animals to eat right from my hand, from a chicken to a llama. Not many people can say they hand-fed a llama. Or a chicken, but the llama is more impressive I think 😉

I have still gotten some progress though. The acolytes are finished up and mounted on the Harbinger’s base and I’ve started painting the side-ribbons. Once they’re done and attached, on go the chains and final extreme highlights all around. A bit of flocking and the girl will finally be done.

The good side is that she’s nearly finished and looking pretty good. The bad side is that at this pace I’m not likely to be able to complete my goal of a fully painted army by year’s end. But, we’ll just have to see how things shake out.

At worst I may end up postponing the unit of zealots and just finish up all my jacks and solos first. I could possibly finish the zealots if I used some faster techniques like “base coat, ink, and drybrush”. But then they don’t look as good as the rest of the work I’ve done on the army and part of the point here is practice with new painting techniques. So I’ll just be sticking it out I reckon.