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CotC: Ork Nob

Yay! More Conversions on the Cheap! When building a horde, it always helps to cut costs. especially with GW promising another price increase of up to 25% on most of thier inventory come June 1st.

So I picked up a box of Assault on Black Reach for my upcoming Ork army. Obviously we’re already looking at “on the cheap” by using this set heavily. I need ork nobz with power claws, ‘eavy armor, and bosspoles for the mobs of boyz. AoBR gives the boyz, and some nobz, but the nobz only have slugga and choppa.

I had ideas slated for using everything in the box except the termies. Termies have power fists. A Power Klaw is just a Power Fist by another name. Orks love to loot stuff from defeated enemies. So I chopped up a termie and used chunks of his armor for ‘eavy armor, his power fist is now a bionic replacement for the nob’s hand, and his leg is now on a stick and used as a bosspole.

I’m also doing magnetic parts on each nob to play wound-marker with. In this case he gets a bleeding gaping hole in his back where some loot used to be.

I have 4 spare nobz still. I’m looking at adding a unit of Flash Gitz. Termie guns chopped up and added to sluggas and a few extra wire gubbins should make suitable snazzguns. Some of the ork heads in the AoBR box have bionic eyes already for Git Findas. So I can readily convert up half-a-dozen or so flash gitz with another AoBR box. All sorts of fun to be had!

The hunt for the second army

It’s an old problem for me in virtually any game. I eventually find 1 main favorite character / faction / whatever to play as, but I’m always looking for that second one that could be as fun or more then what I already play. You know, the old “grass is greener” syndrome.

Now it’s working it’s magic once again in my 40K hobby, but on a more literal scale this time as I contemplate building the greenskin army I had thought of doing ages ago.

First though, I am going to go ahead and finish my current chaos army. It’s so close to completion I can taste it, and it’ll be a huge deal to me to have a full army completely modelled and painted. I so often keep adding new units or models that I never seem to catch up, but this time it looks actually feasible. So the Go-To guys in the chaos marines will all see paint before the green sun rises.

But when it does, there shall be speed freaks! Long ago when the ork codex first came out I was looking at it and came up with an idea for an army I could build and paint and expect to finish. Only 27 models at 2000 points. Dual nob biker squads with battlewagon and warbuggy gun support. Small, portable, and off to left field back then. Nob bikers were thought to be uncompetitive at the time. Nowadays they’re better then sliced bread on internet forums, but whatever.

Now that I’m actually going to have a completed army I can let go of the compact idea and spread the love a bit. I still like the speed freak and nob biker idea, so 1 squad stays. The points from the other one, however, are going into a trio of battlewagons, big mek, some boys, and upping the buggies to dual squadrons of deffkoptas.

Assault on Black Reach will be my best friend. orks a plenty to use and abuse, basic marines to convert to more chaos marines, a dread to convert into a grey knight dread for the back-burner Inquisition army, a commander to convert into an inquisitor, and some termies that will probably be converted into meganobs for the heck of it (or fall to Chaos, if I ever want to field more then the 6 termies I already have), and a warboss that be converted into my big mek, or my biker boss. Or both if I eventually get 2 sets.

One of the things that draws me to orks is the conversions. Much like chaos, but where I do more serious conversions with my chaos guys, I’ve got lots of quirky and goofy ones in mind for the orks.

The new warband will be a freebooter gang called the Midnite Ridaz, led by Warboss Kit’Grash. The big boss will be riding a black bike with a little painted red eye beam on front like Knight Rider’s Kit 🙂 My battlewagons will have stikk-chukkas that are just grots trying to light and throw stikkbombs from the roof. The multi-wound ork models will all have some ablative model piece, like a non-weapon-bearing limb, that’s magnetic and comes off to leave a bloody stump when they take a non-killing wound. the pain boy’s Grot orderly will be hanging onto the back of the bike by it’s fingertips for dear life and the plate it holds onto will be magnetic for when the orderly gets used up.

The Big Mek’s Kustom Force Field will be a big tesla coil with a mid-electecution grot suspended between them. The field is actually a take on the shokk attack gun, but instead of shooting things through the warp, it routes incoming fire through the warp and into the hapless grot to absorb the fire. Of course, this means you need a lot of grots handy because they don’t tend to absorb much in one go. Luckily, he’ll have a unit of grots joining him to make his battlewagon scoring.

So many ideas, so little time. It should be fun though, and deffinately help ease the pain for the opponent of having to face yet another freaking ork army.