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CotC: Ork Nob

Yay! More Conversions on the Cheap! When building a horde, it always helps to cut costs. especially with GW promising another price increase of up to 25% on most of thier inventory come June 1st.

So I picked up a box of Assault on Black Reach for my upcoming Ork army. Obviously we’re already looking at “on the cheap” by using this set heavily. I need ork nobz with power claws, ‘eavy armor, and bosspoles for the mobs of boyz. AoBR gives the boyz, and some nobz, but the nobz only have slugga and choppa.

I had ideas slated for using everything in the box except the termies. Termies have power fists. A Power Klaw is just a Power Fist by another name. Orks love to loot stuff from defeated enemies. So I chopped up a termie and used chunks of his armor for ‘eavy armor, his power fist is now a bionic replacement for the nob’s hand, and his leg is now on a stick and used as a bosspole.

I’m also doing magnetic parts on each nob to play wound-marker with. In this case he gets a bleeding gaping hole in his back where some loot used to be.

I have 4 spare nobz still. I’m looking at adding a unit of Flash Gitz. Termie guns chopped up and added to sluggas and a few extra wire gubbins should make suitable snazzguns. Some of the ork heads in the AoBR box have bionic eyes already for Git Findas. So I can readily convert up half-a-dozen or so flash gitz with another AoBR box. All sorts of fun to be had!

The Magna-Pred

I promised pictures of my Predator a while back and now I have them. This has been one of the most in-depth magnetic conversions I’ve done to date, and I’m still thinking of adding another gizmo or two. But we’ll start off with the basics.

Here’s the basic rhino chassis. Easy, simple. With rhinos, predators, and vindicators all using the same chassis, it just makes sense to allow it to act as one if I want. After all, why spend another $30 for just a rhino when I can go $10 more and get a full pred instead? Of course, doing this sort of swap ability is just the start. Preds have a lot of weapon options that I’d like to be able to trade out instead of buying extra models or sprues. So everything from the spons to the turret and every hatch needs magnetics. Here’s an idea of what it looks like mid-switch from Rhino to Pred:

A fun little side-bonus is that if the pred gets wrecked or explodes, I can leave pieces laying around as wreckage, too. It’s kinda neat J I haven’t had a use for the lascannon parts yet, so I haven’t magnetized them just yet, but they’ll be done when and if I decide to use them. But for now, here’s my dakka-pred in all it’s spikey glory:

Because of the way it’s all been assembled / magnetized, all of the weapons can be turned. In 5th edition this helps a lot with figuring out their “True Line of Sight” to see if they can deliver a lead sandwich successfully. It’s a lot more work then just building it with plain old glue, but then end rewards are more then worth it to me. Anyhow, I’ve got to get ready for tomorrow’s match. My noise marines are getting their inaugural 5th edition debut.

Magnets are my Friends

I just finished assembling a new predator for my chaos marines. Well, mostly, I still need to slap a bunch of spikey bits all over it so I can bleed when I move it like any good chaos player should :p the thing I did with this vehicle, though, is that I magnetized the daylights out of it. In fact, I may yet add a couple more as I put on the spikey bits.

Why? Simple, I learned a lesson from my Defiler. See, I built and glued that sucker back before I really knew about rare earth magnets, or had a clue about the effects of a new codex or rules edition. So, I glued it all together except for using some big weak walmart magnets to attach the turret / head piece for easier storage. The defiler had everything I really wanted, a battle cannon and indirect fire. The Combat options kinda stunk so why would I ever want those bits on it anyway?

Then along came a new codex. Suddenly defilers can’t get indirect fire anymore. Now I can’t sit in back and lob shells, it has to expose it’s pansy AV 12 hide to enemy fire. And there’s no more option to boost that to AV 13 anymore, either. But, now it can actually do well in close combat if you swap out it’s backup weapons that only get used once every 4 games. The thing can even Fleet now! But… I can’t really swap the weapons out for 2 extra CC attacks, because I glued them on in the first place. Crap.

So I spent 30+ hours of painting and a few hours of assembly crafting this defiler to be a big flashy centerpiece of my army, and now with the new codex it’s just a dreadnought with a battle cannon and mediocre melee. Oh, and those backup weapons it’s still unlikely to ever use. Great.

Adding insult to injury is that obliterators are now competing with the defiler for heavy support, and are no longer limited to just 1 unit of them. Those things are made of pure tactical awesome. And everyone (not just Iron Warriors!) now has access to a vindicator with it’s super-cannon for less points then the defiler, and it has better armor and a smaller profile (important in the new edition‘s line of sight rules). So now the poor defiler only hits the table at all anymore because I feel bad to have wasted all that effort on a model and then not use the thing.

And the point of all this? Had I magnetized the weapon options in the first place, I could have swapped in the CC arms and given my old defiler a stronger role in the new codex and edition. I could have kept it more competitive. Instead of languishing and waiting on a replacement to be built and painted.

So now, my new pred can be a rhino or a pred, and it can swap out every currently possible option thanks to magnets. As a bonus, weapon destroyed results can actually have the weapon pop off. Great for keeping things tracked and it can look just plain cool. Add in a couple of magnets on the hull to hold stun / shake / immobilize / destroyed markers and you have a serious game aid built right into the mini. Plus if I want to try a triple-las pred one game then a dakka-pred the next, I don’t have to proxy or shell out an extra $40. Just about $4 in tiny magnets and a little extra assembly time.

Magnets are my friends. 😀