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COTC: Eldar Farseer

Time for another round of Conversions of the Cheap 😀 This time I’m making a foot-slogging farseer. Normally this would cost $15 just for the one mini. However, I’m using the rest of the pieces from the guardian set’s heavy weapon platform. If you recall, I’m making 8 of the guardians into pathfinders, which leaves 2 more remaining. I’m turning these into a warlock and a farseer to flesh out the rest of the army.

Think about it, the whole squad cost $30 for the guardians. Buying the normal models would cost $25 for the farseer and warlock, and another ~$40-$45 for the rangers. Net savings? Over $35.

Of course, I’m using a few extra bits from additional kits. Namely dire avenger exarch pieces. Thing is, if you get 1 box of dire avengers, there are enough bits to make two exarchs from the waist up with 2 more sets of weapons left over on top of that. So if you ever got dire avengers (and I’d highly recommend them) you have plenty of these parts to spare. And I get some leftover weapon bits from the guardians’ weapon platform to use with my war walkers (which is a kit rather lacking in weapon bits).

So I used a few weapon bits from the avengers, and the rest are pieces from the guardian kit. I added some runes to the armor with greenstuff. I’m still perfecting the technique, but basically I make a mold in oil-based sculpting clay of the body part, then carve the runes into the mold. Shave off the area of the model, then greenstuff it back in using the mold, now including the newly added runes. Of course, this is rather time consuming. Not only to get the mold right, but also to let the greenstuff fully set between each armor plate cast so you don’t smush your work.

On the whole, I’m fairly happy with the results. I think the paint will really help it, much like the pathfinders. Those guys don’t look like much pre-paint & flock, and the detail on the farseer should really pop once paint goes on. Here’s the assembled preview though: