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40K Battle Report: Chaos Marine vs Eldar

My footslogging experiment got another go at the mechanised eldar.  This time we got the Hill Point victory condition so we were set to actually get a decisive outcome (for once) with a Dawn of War deployment.

It was a fun game, but turned brutal for the eldar very quickly.  They made the mistake Turn 1 of leaving the jetbiking seer council within 12″ of a squad khorne-marked marines.  Granted, it was a weakened squad and the council was fortuned, but it was quickly locked in combat.  After that it was a turn 2 pile-in with the 2nd khorne squad and the daemon prince and suddenly the Eldar no longer had Fortune or Doom to help them.

At that piont, I basically had a killer advantage and it only got bigger as I started downing skimmers with oblits and havocs, leaving the squads inside to slug it out with advancing marines.

the game ended at 10 to 3, my favor.  However, had the council remembered it’s 6″ assault phase move and backed out of a Turn 1 charge, then it would have been a much more burtal bloodbath of a game.  I think I’d still have managed a win with reasonable certainty by virtue of tank-popping firepower being able to net a lot of kill points before it could be reliably taken out.  That’s just one of the weaknesses of a mech list.  Especially when you skip on Holo Fields because the normal opponent is lootah-loaded orks that go “Holo field?  whatever, I still hit you like 12 times”

KP missions play to the strengths of a footslogging list with big units.  So I’m not overly surprised I won since my opponent basically had a handicap to start by sheer opportunities given to me.

In other news, I picked up my first box of Assault on Black Reach today.  And I figured out what I can use the termies for!  Chop them up and use pieces to make cyborks, for starters.  Termie armored limbs are about the size of a normal nob limb.  Power Fists make good looted power klaws since the AoBR nobz don’t have any in the models.  And I can convert the 4 extras into Flash Gits using the storm bolters and other bits.  Maybe make 1 into a painboy instead.

Picked up a box of grots, too.  I shall have fun using this first box for conversion fodder 😀

Battle Summary – CSM Footsloggers 1.1

Well, I got in a game with the revised footslogging chaos marine list. It performed a lot better this go around. Mech Eldar vs Footslogging Chaos Marines. If ever there was an enemy that could make me feel the pinch in mobility, this would probably be it. We wound up with Capture and Control and Pitched Battle.

We both made a battle line towards the middle of our deployments, me with the heavies in the middles, khornies to either side, and the prince and plagues both reinforcing the left near the eldar objective.

Right off the bat the new baby-sitting squad made itself worthwhile. I put my objective back in a corner and just parked that lascannon squad right on it. Over the course of the game, they didn’t do a whole lot, but thier lascannon did contribute to wrecking a fireprism and immobilizing a falcon before it could jet over to contest. Not bad.

The smaller khorne marked squads still did thier jobs quite well. Neither survived the battle, but they did bring the fight to the eldar objective, keeping them occupied the full 6 turns just defending thier marker. The jetbike seer council was a royal pain and wound up dealing the bulk of the enemy’s damage to my troops, but I didn’t have the ability to catch them, and shooting them while perma-fortuned just doesn’t work well as I’d have to ignore the rest of the army.

Even so, the lesser daemons served well, summoning in and pasting a dire avenger squad then marching on to help soak fire on the way to the enemy objective. I did make a mistake trying to assault a wounded firedragon unit instead of forcing them to waist a unit’s shooting on thier own turn to finish the squad off. Had I done so, I might have had something left of my last khorne squad to limp over and contest the eldar objective for the win.

The nekkid daemon prince did his job exceptionally well. Pasted a transport worth more then his own points while forcing a unit of dire avengers to flee in the process (they managed to regroup about 2″ from the table edge 🙁 ). He then proceeded to absorb basically an entire round before eating an assault from the seer council on his last wound and flubbing his attacks back.

The plague marines did basically the same as the prince, eating a large amount of fire., letting the prince and khornies get in close. I actually beat my way through his entire army to contest his objective, and eleminated all but 1 of his scoring units, downed all of hit tanks with only one not completely destroyed.

Havoc squad probably took the MVP award though as they downed multiple skimmers and polished off one of the objective camping squads. The oblits assisted as well, but mostly just took the brunt of the missle / lance fire.

In the end we had a tie, both still hanging on to our repective objectives. Big shock, I know. Not like that scenario ever winds up as a tie (gasp, shock). I won on Kill Points, my opponent took the win on Victory points, so we both could come away with morale victories after a fashion.

The biggest thing I think I should have done differently was to bring in the daemons on the left instead of the right. The right offered a ready charge, sure, but the left could have tipped the balance enough to let me finish driving off thier last scoring unit, or keep something around to contest at the end.

Moments that make you go D’oh!

Ever had one of those moments in a game where something just goes totally and unexpectedly wrong? You know what I’m talking about. The kind of moment where there’s nothing you can do about it but say “d’oh!”. I had one of those moments over the weekend.

I was giving my eldar a test drive. The poor chaps haven’t hit the table in over a year, and I’ve got a few new things in the list to try out. It looks like it’ll work well enough and all seems to be going well. I’ve got pathfinders in cover sniping the main fire lane. Guardians with a conceal warlock and a farseer in the middle of my table quarter, and some banshees and avengers in serpents ready to strike. The falcon is hovering in cover and waiting for targets while the war walkers go around and outflank. The space wolves won’t know what hit em!

Well, then his long fang squad managed to draw a bead on the falcon. It’s ok though, I get cover and holo fields and he’s just got 2 krak missiles. I’ll make it fine. He hit. A penetrating hit no less. Hmm, well I’ll roll cover and… crap. Well the holo fiel- a what? 4 and 5? Crap, a pillbox before I even take my first turn.

But that’s not the real d’oh moment. That was just a warm-up. The real kicker was next turn when those same long fangs shot up the guardians. It’s ok though, they’re in a set of ruins and they have fortune now. I should be fine. Failed 4 saves. Re-roll. Still failed 4 saves. Well it’s just guardians, no major loss. A fluke really. Just gotta pass that Ld10 morale check and… box-cars? You’re kidding right? I knew I should have taken Embolden instead. Oh well, they shouldn’t run too far… 11”…. … 1 guardian goes over the board edge? D’OH! I should just keep my mouth shut…