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Moments that make you go D’oh!

Ever had one of those moments in a game where something just goes totally and unexpectedly wrong? You know what I’m talking about. The kind of moment where there’s nothing you can do about it but say “d’oh!”. I had one of those moments over the weekend.

I was giving my eldar a test drive. The poor chaps haven’t hit the table in over a year, and I’ve got a few new things in the list to try out. It looks like it’ll work well enough and all seems to be going well. I’ve got pathfinders in cover sniping the main fire lane. Guardians with a conceal warlock and a farseer in the middle of my table quarter, and some banshees and avengers in serpents ready to strike. The falcon is hovering in cover and waiting for targets while the war walkers go around and outflank. The space wolves won’t know what hit em!

Well, then his long fang squad managed to draw a bead on the falcon. It’s ok though, I get cover and holo fields and he’s just got 2 krak missiles. I’ll make it fine. He hit. A penetrating hit no less. Hmm, well I’ll roll cover and… crap. Well the holo fiel- a what? 4 and 5? Crap, a pillbox before I even take my first turn.

But that’s not the real d’oh moment. That was just a warm-up. The real kicker was next turn when those same long fangs shot up the guardians. It’s ok though, they’re in a set of ruins and they have fortune now. I should be fine. Failed 4 saves. Re-roll. Still failed 4 saves. Well it’s just guardians, no major loss. A fluke really. Just gotta pass that Ld10 morale check and… box-cars? You’re kidding right? I knew I should have taken Embolden instead. Oh well, they shouldn’t run too far… 11”…. … 1 guardian goes over the board edge? D’OH! I should just keep my mouth shut…