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Unit Review – Deliverers [WM]

Deliverers are an indirect fire unit for the Protectorate of Menoth. These religeous nutbars go into battle with a pack full of gigantic bottle rockets and then launch these from what amount to a bit metal tube. It’s not accurate, and there’s always the chance of a misfire incinerating the user anyone unfortunate enough to be nearby, but by golly they can put some hurtin’ on whatever they actually hit.

This is a dirt cheap unit at a scant 46 points for 6. They have exceptionally long range 3″ AOE blast weapons with a special “innacurate” rule. This rule basically means that unless you shooting at a stationary target or the side of a barn, you’ve a good chance of missing. But that’s ok because you’ll likely still hit something with the blast. It’s only a POW 6 blast normally though. So don’t expect to start dropping heavy cavalry or warjacks with it. But it will bring the pain to all those high def / low armor types. Most ranged infantry, for instance. Or some solos. Or even stealthed enemies, since while you auto-miss you’re basically counting on that anyway with the poor aiming ability of deliverers.

When it comes to using them on the battlefield, they make a good harassment and denial unit. Squishy enemies will want to keep thier distance or they risk a rain of carpet-bombing. Good units to combo with them include Severius (eye of menoth, death sentence), Seneschals (chain slam for knockdown), Aiyana & Holt (chain knockdown & Harm effects), Harbinger (tremor of faith), Kreoss (knockdown feat), and basically anything else you want that can inflict knockdown, slams, or stationary. Deliverers are prime candidates for the Pop ‘N Drop combo.

Thier primary weakness is in thier typically low actual POW of attacks due to blast damage. In time we might be lucky and see some weapon or unit attachments that can do something about it, but until then thier targets are centered around the squishier infantry and maybe some bonejacks.