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Black Knight conversion

Well, I wasn’t really satisfied with the first prototype for the Black Knights. I wanted something a little more unique then basically a weapon-swapped chaos marine. I also would like more details but without all the work. Aaand I happen to really like the grey knight models. So I cooked up an idea to convert them for use as Black Knights. Some time with a file, greenstuff, exacto-saw, superglue and some pinning later…

For refference, side by side with the 1st prototype after I head-swapped it…

I plan to paint the armor metallic black, red trim and glowy red rune insciptions, silver iconography for normal knights and gold for the squad leaders. And paint the “purity” seals up like heretical prayers scribed on the flayed flesh of their enemies. The skull on the chest center might get an actual bone paint job as the skull of great foe slain by the suit’s wearer that earned him the right to join the Black Knights. Skulls of Grey Knights being particularly prestigious.

No one expects the Inquisition (In Black)! Pt 2

I’ve been cooking up conversion ideas a plenty. The sisters are fairly simple (if time-consuming) conversion idea at the moment. Use some trimmed-down chaos marine backpacks to replace their normal ones, file off the normal inquisition symbols, and cover their places with green stuffed skulls and chaos symbols.

The exorcists will be chaos rhinos with the turret hatch on back with a set of havoc launchers on it like an old-school chaos whirlwind tank.

I already have a Reaper mini in mind for converting into the priestess for the sisters.

The inquisitor is still up in the air, but I do have a spare chaos sorcerer mini I might use. The retinue will be some odd cobbled up things.

The guardsmen will be converted catachans most likely as I think they’ll fit best and the new plastics should be easy enough to work with. Add the odd mutation, maybe a robe here or there and a little greenstuff should play out fine.

The Black Knights are the ones I’ve been contemplating building the most because the GK models are just plain sweet. But they’re basically just blinged-up space marines with different weapons. Chaos marines are already pretty blinged-up as is. So I built a prototype with converted gauntlet-mounted storm bolter, halberd / pike thing, and a slimmed down backpack to help him stand out from normal chaos marines. I also added a smidge of greenstuff in the waistline to lengthen the torso a tad, though I think I may add a little more in the future. The rest will be in the paint job. Might do head swaps over to ones with plumes instead of the various horns as well. Have a look:

No one expects the Inquisition (In Black)!

So I’ve toyed with re-starting my first 40k army, Witch Hunters. Then that turned into Daemonhunters. Then just plain Inquisition, etc. Well, over the years I’ve come to realize my true love in the 40k universe is Chaos, and thus I have stuck with my Chaos Marines despite occasionally seeing other armies (such trysts never last).

I’ve gotten an idea to build a chaos version of the Inquisition, however. Fallen Sisters of Battle are a cannon occurrence. And some catachans would make great cultist conversion fodder for an IG contingent. As for some Grey Knights, well they’re incorruptible. However, after 13+ Black Crusades, I think it’s high time Chaos made their own dark mocking mirror: the Black Knights.

The army’s concept sprang from a radical inquisitor that pulled in an entire convent of sisters and a regiment of guardsmen to hunt down a chaos sorceress. The sorceress being my own previously converted fallen sister in my chaos marine army. The Inquisitor and friends get pulled along and eventually most of them either become corrupt themselves or are killed. With the right persuasion they come to see things the renegade’s way (Emperor is a false god and unworthy of worship, etc) The remainder found a new sub-group from my chaos marine army as a mirror inquisition out to destroy the fools of the Imperium’s Inquisition.

The army list is based on a Witch Hunter core with inducted guard and some allied Daemonhunters.

High Magus (fallen inquisitor), with mystics and multi-melta servitor
High Priestess (Cannoness) and her retainers (celestians, 2x flamers, eviserator vet) in an Immolator

2 squads of 10 Sisters, 2 meltas each, vet with book and melta bombs, all in smoke-rhinos
2 squads of 7 Black Knights (PAGKs) with frags and melta bombs on the justicars
1 mob of cultists (IG platoon) consisting off:
Autocannon squad with commissar and dozer-chimera
Autocannon squad with dozer-chimera
Command squad with mortar and chimera

3 Exorcists with smoke

Grand total 2000 pts exactly

The Knights pile into the chimeras with dozers, and the Magus parks it in the last chimera. The cultists make one big mob with the leader hiding behind them lobbing shells. The sisters and knights rush the enemy with everything else giving fire support.

The great thing is that the knights get good dozers and good front armor for a frontal assault but can also go slower to pop the hatch and fire off 5 extra storm bolters. And if they get popped out of the transport they still get some shooting cover from the Shrouding. The sisters are providing close fire support with 2 anti-tank squads, and one all-around assault support unit in the priestess. The army as a whole has great anti-psyker defense from both a hood on the Magus and the innate abilities of the sisters and knights. Good Leadership, and some anti-deep strike in the firebase to ward off some unwanted surprises. Lots of bodies, and lots of tanks, and up to 7 scoring units available.

I think this army may actually stand a chance competitively, and provide a lot of fun flavor 🙂