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An Ogre’s Tale: Part I

Journal of the ogre tyrant Morag the Hungry
As recorded by Kresh, his faithful gnoblar scribe and joke-teller

Today the butchers smelled an unusual scent wafting on the air. They said it would be good eating. Boss agreed so we marched after it with his buds.

We found a lot of scary-looking thinlings in lots of metal armor. Some rode horses. One rode a dragon! He seemed to be thier leader. If I had a dragon, I’d be a leader, too.

We met them in battle, and at first the leadbelchers did quite well, making grand noise and knocking several bare-chested thinlings off thier horses. 2 of the ogres got lost in some woods though. They didn’t show thier faces until later. I could still smell them though so they must not have wandered far.

Then the horsemen all charged, and so did the dragon. Some of the ogres tried to get away, but it didn’t work. Dragons must really like ogre meat the way it ate one of the leadbelchers. The big scary armored knights though, they met Muscles the Butcher and his boys. They had a right good fight there, and a couple of the boys went down (good eatin’ later!) but they held them scary men up for a long time.

Then the dragon came in behind the boss’s bunch and tried to breath all over them. It smelled pretty bad, but not worse then some of Muscles’s gas so the boys were ok. I think them other gnoblars hanging around the boss’s legs got sick from it though, ’cause they never tried to hit anything after that.

Boss must not have noticed the dragon’s breath because he just charged on after a bunch of armored men with a biiiiig banner that hurt my eyes. They whomped em good when they charged in. And the Boss, he got to that banner man, squished him up good, then tossed him into that aweful maw on his belly. Smished up scary man reminded me of last gnoblar that got under boss’s foot. Not pretty sight.

Then dragon sneak up behind boss’s gang and start eating his iron gut guards. Good thing Grinder the Butcher had worked his mojo, becuase one of the boys got his gut almost ripped off, but it grew back and then he swung up with his big stick and knocked the scary smelly pussy man off the dragon. Too bad the banner bruiser get willies and run. Other ogres think he know where more food was, but he didn’t. He just lose nerve. Boss find out later, eat him, give banner to iron gut that knock off pussy-man. Now he’s new bruiser.

That’s about when the gorgers started showing up and eating thinlings. Some leadbelchers decided to get some thinling meat before gorgers ate it all, and between them they kill or scare away whole lot of men with not much armor on them. Ogres always like meal with more meat anyway. Iron not taste as good. They still fill men’s banner with lots of meat before heading home.

Muscles and his loud friend finish killing scary armored men on horses and decide it good time to head back towards camp, taking banner with them for new apron.

By then though, fight was over and everyone head back to camp to cook dinner.

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Footslogging on with CHaos Marines

Got in a couple more games with the footslogging chaos marines. Mech Eldar, and Mech Dark Eldar. In both cases, I found that the oblist get shot by all the anti-tank weaponry first and the prince gets shot after he eats a squad to remind people he’s there.

The Havoc squad has yet to be wiped out, and yet it consistently kills more vehicles then the obliterator squads. I basically get told the enemies just don’t have a good way to remove the entire squad.

The Lesser Daemons have been doing well. they either enter combat and die but not before killing off at least 1 unit, or they sit off in never-land camping an obscure objective that wins me the game. In a slow list like this, thier ability to pop in where I need them makes them very handy.

The big Khorne marked squads are kinda so-so. They tend to be the focus of enemy attack and often die rapidly. In fact, thier most often cause of death is fleeing from close combat and either running off the board or getting swept. An Icon of Chaos Glory would greatly alleviate that, albiet at the price of some offensive punch.

So, what I’m thinking of next:
Drop the Prince and the Oblits entirely.
Take a cheap lord.
Add in another squad or two of basic CSM with missile launchers
Change the melta squad to Chaos Glory from Khorne and add a combi-melta on the champ
Beef up the size of the main Khorne squad some more.

The net result of various tinkering on this leads to about 80 models in the army. 72 in power armor, and 8 daemons.

Other ideas:
Add in what is known as a “Karmoon Special”. It’s a squad of 4 terminators. 3 with combi-plasma, and 1 with a power fist and Heavy Flamer. It’s a deepstriking suicide squad that’s only 140 points and can unleash a lot of havoc.

40K Battle Report: Chaos Marine vs Eldar

My footslogging experiment got another go at the mechanised eldar.  This time we got the Hill Point victory condition so we were set to actually get a decisive outcome (for once) with a Dawn of War deployment.

It was a fun game, but turned brutal for the eldar very quickly.  They made the mistake Turn 1 of leaving the jetbiking seer council within 12″ of a squad khorne-marked marines.  Granted, it was a weakened squad and the council was fortuned, but it was quickly locked in combat.  After that it was a turn 2 pile-in with the 2nd khorne squad and the daemon prince and suddenly the Eldar no longer had Fortune or Doom to help them.

At that piont, I basically had a killer advantage and it only got bigger as I started downing skimmers with oblits and havocs, leaving the squads inside to slug it out with advancing marines.

the game ended at 10 to 3, my favor.  However, had the council remembered it’s 6″ assault phase move and backed out of a Turn 1 charge, then it would have been a much more burtal bloodbath of a game.  I think I’d still have managed a win with reasonable certainty by virtue of tank-popping firepower being able to net a lot of kill points before it could be reliably taken out.  That’s just one of the weaknesses of a mech list.  Especially when you skip on Holo Fields because the normal opponent is lootah-loaded orks that go “Holo field?  whatever, I still hit you like 12 times”

KP missions play to the strengths of a footslogging list with big units.  So I’m not overly surprised I won since my opponent basically had a handicap to start by sheer opportunities given to me.

In other news, I picked up my first box of Assault on Black Reach today.  And I figured out what I can use the termies for!  Chop them up and use pieces to make cyborks, for starters.  Termie armored limbs are about the size of a normal nob limb.  Power Fists make good looted power klaws since the AoBR nobz don’t have any in the models.  And I can convert the 4 extras into Flash Gits using the storm bolters and other bits.  Maybe make 1 into a painboy instead.

Picked up a box of grots, too.  I shall have fun using this first box for conversion fodder 😀