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No one expects the Inquisition (In Black)! Pt 2

I’ve been cooking up conversion ideas a plenty. The sisters are fairly simple (if time-consuming) conversion idea at the moment. Use some trimmed-down chaos marine backpacks to replace their normal ones, file off the normal inquisition symbols, and cover their places with green stuffed skulls and chaos symbols.

The exorcists will be chaos rhinos with the turret hatch on back with a set of havoc launchers on it like an old-school chaos whirlwind tank.

I already have a Reaper mini in mind for converting into the priestess for the sisters.

The inquisitor is still up in the air, but I do have a spare chaos sorcerer mini I might use. The retinue will be some odd cobbled up things.

The guardsmen will be converted catachans most likely as I think they’ll fit best and the new plastics should be easy enough to work with. Add the odd mutation, maybe a robe here or there and a little greenstuff should play out fine.

The Black Knights are the ones I’ve been contemplating building the most because the GK models are just plain sweet. But they’re basically just blinged-up space marines with different weapons. Chaos marines are already pretty blinged-up as is. So I built a prototype with converted gauntlet-mounted storm bolter, halberd / pike thing, and a slimmed down backpack to help him stand out from normal chaos marines. I also added a smidge of greenstuff in the waistline to lengthen the torso a tad, though I think I may add a little more in the future. The rest will be in the paint job. Might do head swaps over to ones with plumes instead of the various horns as well. Have a look:

The Ogre Kingdoms are Coming…

So I finally broke down and got a hankering for square-basing. I had dabbled in Warhammer Fantasy Battles before using the cheap dwarf models from the Skull Pass set. Alas they just didn’t do it for me and I wound up setting the game aside for quite some time. With all the sci-fi I’ve got going on now (3 RPg campaigns, 40K, EVE, watching SG-1 and Galactica…) I really felt the need to cleanse the palate with some good old fashioned fantasy mayhem.

Now, there’s a few things I didn’t like much about WHFB the first time we met. I didn’t enjoy the big blocks of unwieldly infantry for starters. Playing dwarfs made this dramatically worse with thier pitiful move allotment. For you WHFB players out there, imagine being used to everything in your army being M6 skirmishers all the time, then adjust to just blocks that don’t want to move. So I wanted an army with at least a decent bit of speed to it so I could feel like it actually moved on the battlefield instead of crawled.

After spending a good deal of time painting and still never quite finishing off a complete 40k army, the thought of building and painting those blocks of infantry is depressing. Multiple units with 15-20+ guys each and every model virtually identical in every way. I’d have to paint 150-300 models to complete an army. That sucks at my rate of model painting. So I wanted an army that had as few models as possible while still being viable and fun.

Beyond that I was pretty open. It needn’t be a beginner’s army. It could be good at shooting or stink; good at magic or not. In the end, I settled on the Ogre Kingdoms. For my first 2000 point army I’ll only need to build and paint a scant 25 models. Each one is larger then most I’ve done so I’ll get to enjoy painting on a somewhat larger scale, and I can put some more effort into them. It’s also feasible to convert most ogre units from the plastic kits in the battallion box set, which is a big draw to a customization nut like myself. So, I ordered up my fist half of the army and some new paints to flesh out my vallejo range for use on ogres. They should be arriving later this week 🙂

What’s more, I’ve signed up to play the part of some raiders that wander around the map in a new campaign in town. So I should be seeing some action fairly soon with them. As I get the army converted, built, painted and played, I’ll be keeping you up to date on how the venture pans out. Personally, I’m really looking forward to this 🙂

Unit Review: Summoned Lesser Daemons

This is a unit in the Warhammer 40K Chaos Space Marines Codex that is often overlooked. I mean really, it’s only 2 points cheaper then a basic Chaos Marine and has the same statline, but gives up it’s armor, weapons, and wargear to get a 5+ invulnerable, Fearless, and a quasi-deep-strike off icons.

So, it’s more fragile against most stuff it’s likely to fight. And it has trouble assaulting into cover due to a lack of grenades and a weak save. What’s it good for? Tactical Reinforcements.

Essentially, these little guys are good for popping up where you need a little extra help. They can assault the turn they arrive, so they con pop down and join an on-going assault, or tie up a nearby enemy unit that stinks in melee (hi guardsmen, how are you today?), or they can also be a cheap scoring unit to leave sitting on an objective twiddling their thumbs instead of wasting one of your pricey killy units on that job.

For example, Plague Marines are often looked to for holding an objective. But even a small squad is very expensive. And if they sit on the home objective all game while the rest of the army goes after the enemy, they usually just sit there being an expensive paper weight. Lesser Daemons can fill that same job for much cheaper.

They can also throw enemy plans off. 1 scoring unit moves near 2 objectives and the enemy commits to trying to contest the 1 the unit could likely reach. Suddenly there’s a second scoring unit and not enough enemy forces to stop them both.

Now, not every army has equal use for these things. A highly mobile army with lots of bikes, transports, raptors, etc, probably has the speed to change up the battle plan as needed. Less mechanized forces can find the extra flexibility of bringing them in quite desirable.

And that’s ultimately what lesser daemons offer. Tactical flexibility. Anytime you can reliably place a unit where it needs to be after the battle has already started shaping up, that gives you an advantage. They’re a bit on the weak side, but for the price, they’re worth it.