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Recent Musings 5-18

Well, it seems it decided to eat some posts. That’s annoying. all set now, though.

Lately it’s been a question of just what I want to work on. There’s the chaos marine footslogging army that still needs some paint. There’s an inquisition army waiting in the wings. There’s an Ork army that only lacks 4 vehicle models to have everything I need to build it. And there’s more chaos marine ideas to work on, too. And let’s not forget the Warmachine army that’s been languishing for some time now (never seem to find enough local players!)

I’ve about come to the conclusion I should try to stick with chaos marines. They’re the only 40k army I’ve never seriously considered getting rid of, and they do still offer a lot of neat modelling options, even if a lot of them got gutted from the codex with the last rendition.

Among the chaos projects hitting the table is a revival of the sculpted daemon princess. That project got buried (figuratively and litterally) some time ago when I started trying to avoid the Lash-prince because it just felt so darn cookie-cutter. That’s more or less a death-knell o my interest when it because a sea of sameness. However, it’s still useful for any other prince version, and unlike the idea I have of using Monique de Noir from Reaper minis, it’d actually be tournament legal (yay for greenstuff casting hybrids!).

To that end I’ve started poking around with some more sculpting supply options. I’ve basically given up on attempts at mold-making with Flex Rubber. It’s just to darned time-consuming and labor-intensive. Back to good old OOMOO for me. I’ve heard something like a Mold Max 1000 latex compound is good, but haven’t found a good supplier yet. Ah well. As an added bonus, the extra supplies will give me the chance to refine my molding and casting techniques for customized bases. I’m trying to nail down a good consistent result and it’s basically going to require 2-part molds instead of the 1-parters I’ve been using. Hence, I need more molding material.