Sorceress of Tzeentch at Play

I’ve gotten to field my new little sorceress in a few games so far. I’ve fought mortar-crazy imperial guard, trukk-loving orks, and jet biking eldar. And so far, she’s held up very well indeed.

There’s a few tricks I’m using that help out. Being an IC, I put her in with a squad of Raptors for cover on the way in. Since she’s also the only chaos HQ that’s not fearless, I give the unit the icon of Chaos Glory, just in case. She has Wind of Chaos, they have flamers. She has a warptimed force weapon, they have a lightning claws champ. It makes for one exceptionally mean infantry-killing machine. And in 5th edition, that’s important to have since the enemy will need it’s troops to score objectives.

Now, there is one major drawback to relying heavily on psychic powers. Every loyal imperial army has access to Ld10 psychic hoods. If not from their own codex, then through an allied inquisitor lord. One way or the other, it’s there. Then there’s the nids with Shadow in the Warp, but it’s not taken often and isn’t too rough anyway. Eldar Runes of Warding, however, are brutal.

The first two games went very well. The raptor squad tended to get a bit mauled by turn 3, but the champ tends to live, along with their precious cargo. In fact, it got down to just those two against the guardsmen right about time they breached the front lines and started rolling up the right flank’s heavy weapon teams all on their lonesome. And that’s all it took. She single-handedly wiped out an entire squad on more then one occasion, often by winning assault by a landslide (6 charge attacks rerolling to hits and to wounds is bound to kill a lot with a force weapon) then sweeping the remainder.

The third game was the most interesting one, however. The eldar army was a few vypers and nothing but jet bikes. Alas, that included a farseer with the dreaded runes of warding and an entire squad of jet bike warlocks for backup. My sorceress would run about a 20% of taking a wound with every attempt to use a power, and at the start of turn 2 she found herself staring down a jet bike autarch with a unit of shining spears. Not a good time to be low on wounds.

In the end, she came through, managing to prevent most of the charges from the spears, leaving the autarch trying to wound her on 5’s through a 4+ invulnerable. Alas, she couldn’t get a force weapon wound to go through his 4+ invulnerable either, so they basically sat there slapping each other back and forth in a playground pushing match. Eventually I did manage to wipe out the farseer, though it effectively cost 3 tanks to do it. It was worth it though. Once she got loose, she started rolling things up in CC again. Of course, it was down to just her and the champ. Again.

Impressions so far are very good, despite the high points price tag. She’s a onster in assault, and she has the mobility and the backup to get to the fight she wants to be in, while avoiding the worst of what she doesn’t. She even still held up well enough for many rounds under her nightmare conditions against runes of warding and a vicious assault unit gunning for her.

Unlike the daemon princes, she has grenades, and good shooting, and can hide herself from shooting in a squad. The only downsides are that she’s not very mean against tanks, and she can be insta-killed. However, there’s not much that’s I5 or higher that insta-kills her, so she still has good leeway. Especially with wind of chaos to thin the pack of body bags so she can kill the hidden power fist on the charge.

So, yeah, I’m pretty happy with her so far. And I get bonus points on sportsmanship from opponents just for not bringing another cookie-cutter Lash of Submission or Daemon Prince HQ.

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