When the dice hate you

This is a subject I think we’re all familiar with. Sometimes the dice just hate you. Maybe you didn’t get them a card for thier birthday, or you didn’t sacrifice enough (chocolate) bunnies, or whatever, but they despise you.

For me, it’s usually just a bad roll here or there. But recently I enjoyed a streak of it in one game. Playing my chaos marines I needed to make 4 morale checks (one of them a re-roll, one a regroup check) all in the space of about 2 turns. Being from shooting, they were at Ld10. So there’s only a 1 / 12 chance of failing any given one of them.

Well, I failed 3 in a row to kick things off. The odds of getting those rolls? Something like 1,728 to 1. And, being chaos marines, we are well aquiainted with fear and decided to take our slightly-below-half unit with attached HQ running off the board with no chance to rally. And this was the evil mean Khorne marked squad, too. The havoc squad ran too, however, they got thier heads back in the game on the next morale check to rally.

We weren’t done fleeing in terror before the awesome might of the space faries and thier magic wands (of DEATH) – I mean, Eldar. Not long after Some termies decided enough was enough and made tracks as well.

The lesson here? Icon of Chaos Glory is my new best friend!

also, sacrifice more chocolate bunnies on the altar of diciness (also known as my mouth). It may not work, but it’ll taste good!

2 thoughts on “When the dice hate you

  1. Raptor1313

    Yeah…I’ve seldom seen such atrocious dice luck. It reminds me of the Daemon game where after I got the wrong wave, I managed to kill about 500 points of daemons…by deploying them. Same turn I lost a Soul Grinder or two, and after that? Game over, much like ours was.

    The Dice just kind of flipped you the hell off there…it was just sad, and I think you need to line your dice up, take your leadership dice, and smash them in front of the others as an example.

  2. DanYuk

    yeah, definitely laregr.for scale the average lego man is about the same height as one of the leg plates. awesome job though. got the angles of the armor and such just right.it’s not just flat straight-up-or-down, it’s got some angle to it.excellent job. a0|a0

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