The Ogre Kingdoms are Coming…

So I finally broke down and got a hankering for square-basing. I had dabbled in Warhammer Fantasy Battles before using the cheap dwarf models from the Skull Pass set. Alas they just didn’t do it for me and I wound up setting the game aside for quite some time. With all the sci-fi I’ve got going on now (3 RPg campaigns, 40K, EVE, watching SG-1 and Galactica…) I really felt the need to cleanse the palate with some good old fashioned fantasy mayhem.

Now, there’s a few things I didn’t like much about WHFB the first time we met. I didn’t enjoy the big blocks of unwieldly infantry for starters. Playing dwarfs made this dramatically worse with thier pitiful move allotment. For you WHFB players out there, imagine being used to everything in your army being M6 skirmishers all the time, then adjust to just blocks that don’t want to move. So I wanted an army with at least a decent bit of speed to it so I could feel like it actually moved on the battlefield instead of crawled.

After spending a good deal of time painting and still never quite finishing off a complete 40k army, the thought of building and painting those blocks of infantry is depressing. Multiple units with 15-20+ guys each and every model virtually identical in every way. I’d have to paint 150-300 models to complete an army. That sucks at my rate of model painting. So I wanted an army that had as few models as possible while still being viable and fun.

Beyond that I was pretty open. It needn’t be a beginner’s army. It could be good at shooting or stink; good at magic or not. In the end, I settled on the Ogre Kingdoms. For my first 2000 point army I’ll only need to build and paint a scant 25 models. Each one is larger then most I’ve done so I’ll get to enjoy painting on a somewhat larger scale, and I can put some more effort into them. It’s also feasible to convert most ogre units from the plastic kits in the battallion box set, which is a big draw to a customization nut like myself. So, I ordered up my fist half of the army and some new paints to flesh out my vallejo range for use on ogres. They should be arriving later this week 🙂

What’s more, I’ve signed up to play the part of some raiders that wander around the map in a new campaign in town. So I should be seeing some action fairly soon with them. As I get the army converted, built, painted and played, I’ll be keeping you up to date on how the venture pans out. Personally, I’m really looking forward to this 🙂

4 thoughts on “The Ogre Kingdoms are Coming…

  1. Steve

    I also chose an Ogre Kingdom army for the same reasons, I hate painting block units of 20+ similar models especially fiddly little ones like dwarves. The ogres are definitely the easiest models to convert and they have a lot of scope for creating really unique disgusting figures. My army is now approaching 2500pts and I am sad to say having played a few games with them they do not match up favourably to any of the races. They break far too easily and should have a higher weapon skill and save. They are meant to beasts in hand to hand combat but they will get slaughtered by any chaos knights army without much trouble. Also their magic although good is very limited and most of it ends up wounding the caster even when the spells are successful. GW really need to re-write their rule book so they are either cheaper, or their units have a higher leadership and are immune to psychology or give all their units stubborn and make it easier for gorgers to enter the field of battle.
    This said even though you will find you self loosing more battles than you win, they are still a very fun army to play with. The Hunter with his cross bow is deadly and a handful for any hero or unit, in fact all their characters are pretty good as are the maneaters.

    All in all Ogres are dream to paint and convert but at the moment they are seriously lacking on the battle field. I have hear rumours of an ogre army book re-write this year fingers crossed they do and lets hop they get it right this time and give all ogre units stubborn.

  2. TGBO42 Post author

    Well, actually, I’ve found the ogres to work rather well for me so far. I started with a tie and have gotten nothing but massacres in my favor since then (dark elves, lizardmen, dwarfs, tomb kings…). I’ve fought armies with middle to low magic in thier lists though, which may be a key. Gut Magic has been exceptionally helpful in turning the tide my way even if I can only get off a single spell.

    With the right gut magic a unit becomes tougher and Stubborn. I’ve used this frequently to defeat cavalry charges. I even had a 3-man unit of guts with attached butcher take a charge from 5 chaos knights and eventually beat them all after about 5 rounds of close combat (just butcher and 1 wound of iron gut remaining, mind you).

    The units themselves aren’t stellar in combat. But with the right gut magic buff and maybe a second unit hitting a flank they become quite scary. Add in some characters like the tyrant and they’re downright devestating. Everytime the tyrant’s unit has charged something, it has broken on the first round of combat unless it was immune to psychology (in which case it stays around to get mauled again). Ogres can be downright viscious in melee with the present army book, you just have to support them right.

    This opinion is subject to change should I run into a tzeench magic-o-rama army 😉

  3. Killigan

    I agree with both of you, they are very good in some respects but very bad in others. I think their Gut magic is good but it is very rare that you will get a to use more than 2 spells, I also think they are slightly over-priced. But they are capable of destroying armies outright.
    As TGBO42 says they can take a beating against magic heavy armies, but a few dispel scrolls and a bit of luck (praying your opponent miscasts) and you are all good. The trick to using them well is knowing which units to sacrifice to lure enemies out of position. Also every army should have a hunter in it and no army should bother with a scrap launcher they are a waste of time in every respect.

    I would like to see a new army book released like Steve says. So we can officially use Rhinox cavalry and make all the units a little cheaper but not much.

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