40K Battle Report: Chaos Marine vs Eldar

My footslogging experiment got another go at the mechanised eldar.  This time we got the Hill Point victory condition so we were set to actually get a decisive outcome (for once) with a Dawn of War deployment.

It was a fun game, but turned brutal for the eldar very quickly.  They made the mistake Turn 1 of leaving the jetbiking seer council within 12″ of a squad khorne-marked marines.  Granted, it was a weakened squad and the council was fortuned, but it was quickly locked in combat.  After that it was a turn 2 pile-in with the 2nd khorne squad and the daemon prince and suddenly the Eldar no longer had Fortune or Doom to help them.

At that piont, I basically had a killer advantage and it only got bigger as I started downing skimmers with oblits and havocs, leaving the squads inside to slug it out with advancing marines.

the game ended at 10 to 3, my favor.  However, had the council remembered it’s 6″ assault phase move and backed out of a Turn 1 charge, then it would have been a much more burtal bloodbath of a game.  I think I’d still have managed a win with reasonable certainty by virtue of tank-popping firepower being able to net a lot of kill points before it could be reliably taken out.  That’s just one of the weaknesses of a mech list.  Especially when you skip on Holo Fields because the normal opponent is lootah-loaded orks that go “Holo field?  whatever, I still hit you like 12 times”

KP missions play to the strengths of a footslogging list with big units.  So I’m not overly surprised I won since my opponent basically had a handicap to start by sheer opportunities given to me.

In other news, I picked up my first box of Assault on Black Reach today.  And I figured out what I can use the termies for!  Chop them up and use pieces to make cyborks, for starters.  Termie armored limbs are about the size of a normal nob limb.  Power Fists make good looted power klaws since the AoBR nobz don’t have any in the models.  And I can convert the 4 extras into Flash Gits using the storm bolters and other bits.  Maybe make 1 into a painboy instead.

Picked up a box of grots, too.  I shall have fun using this first box for conversion fodder 😀

6 thoughts on “40K Battle Report: Chaos Marine vs Eldar

  1. Raptor1313

    Yeah, that first-turn gaffe with the Seer Council cost me.

    That is a good point I’d not considered; there’s not a good way for me to take out your Havocs ans they’re the big problem because of all the hits. I tag the oblits because it’s what I can reasonably kill them (…usually, unless you make oo-gads of cover saves. I should be able to put about 5-6 instant-death wounds on them a turn…which means dropping one squad on average).

    And I’d not reflected on how hard it is to get KP out of your army, but with MArines my troops in the transports are usually a bit hardier. Dire Avengers, unhorsed? ARRRGH! INCOMING FIRE! I’ve had to use ‘going to ground’ to keep troops from hauling ass off the board.

    I’ve had the most success with Eldar so far when I’ve been able to use terrain to block incoming fire. I just can’t hang against that many anti-tank shots. Not with AV12 guarding it.

    I’ve been kicking around dropping the Autarch for more Dire Avengers, or perhaps a Bladestorm + twin shuricat Exarch. All in all, I’ve still got to learn timing with the army, as commiting forces too early is how it dies. Or, failing to avoid gunfire is how I do.

    Though it is KP heavy, and that’s just part of mech. It’s five mounted units for 11 KP, two more for the Seer Council, and another for the Fire Prism for a grand total of 16, I think.

  2. TGBO42 Post author

    You had 14 KP in the army. Mine has 9. So it’s a bit of a lop-sided start.

    The havocs do get the bulk of the vehicular kills. You really only have 1 thing in the fire prism that can try to hurt them at long range, and it’s a bit iffy. You’d need to get in close with those transports and drop a squad on them to do the trick reliably, or put the seer council into them, which means the council is likely in range for a good beating from the rest of the army.

    I actually think you just didn’t get aggressive enough with those transports. I can’t take them all out in 1 round of shooting. In fact I tend to average 1 transport downed a turn and 1 or 2 with some damage. So you could shove them down my throat and crap out 5 squads at once for me to fight. Last game I was really only needing to deal with 1 squad at a time the whole game.

    That’s also the catch to trying to use transports for anti-tank with all those twin-linked bright lances on the serpents. It’s the same quandry Chaos Land Raiders face. Do you shoot tanks, or deliver troops? Either way you’re wasting a bunch of points each turn.

  3. Raptor1313

    Being more aggressive is a thought, though I’d need to figure out the if/when of it. The problem with the Avengers is that they’re the best mechanized troop choice, and the best place to get an anti-tank weapon outside of a Wraithlord/transport of Fire Dragons is the Wave Serpent.

    I guess I’d have to use my mobility to try to slam a lot of stuff into your units, and shatter them, and slam the seer council into it afterwards.

    I’ve been tryign to leverage my mobility so far by forcing the firebase to move, or trying to nullify it, but with Oblits S&P, and good Havoc Deployment, it’s hard.

    I must think on this…

  4. TGBO42 Post author

    One of the reasons the Oblits are the primary heavy support in the army is they can re-position more easily to get a better angle. With only 1 static heavy squad worth mentioning (lascannon boy still thinks he’s a sniper) I can find the best spot and reserve it for them easily.

    I had honestly figured more on using EML spam for my mech eldar. It’s cheaper, and you can get it on almost anything, including dirt cheap vyper squads.

    Eldar are specialists. They flourish when each squad has a definate focus to excell in. Giving an anti-troop squad an anti-tank transport tends to make them too generalist to be effective in my experience. Too much marine mentality tactics holding on I’d bet.

    It’s the same reason I don’t use chaos land raiders. You’ve got to pick a priority target and gun for it first and foremost, then use the other option as a side thing. With no tanks in my army, I’d be focusing on the anti-troop aspect of your serpents’ cargo and then take pot-shots on the oblits / prince as opportunities arise, provided you’ve already delivered the avengers where they need to be. If I was playing armored company, then yeah focus on the lances first and avengers second.

    Between avengers and seers, I bet you could shatter at least 1-2 squads per round, with the dragons and heavies doing whatever they liked. Pile out 25 avengers and shoot a doomed squad, charge the left-overs if appropriate, or don’t bother and just ignore the 3-4 guys left. Seers torch and charge a unit. Your fire dragons could be used MUCH more aggresively to target the oblits in close instead of relying on single-shot snipes from your transports.

    You’ve just been playing them too defensively, I think, to really leverage thier ability to focus the whole of your force on small parts of the opponent’s army. When most of your points spend most of the game sitting in transports until the vehicle dies, I think there’s a problem.

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