This Week In Painting 10/23/08

Alas, I have not made the amount of progress I might have hoped for. You see, I play City of Villains (an MMORPG), and the Halloween event started this past week. So there I was, playing my little evil necromancer, when suddenly zombies that aren’t mine start popping out of the ground all around me! I had found myself in the middle of a full-blown Zombie Apacolypse! Luckily, my own zombie horde was better and I prevailed, earning the Apacolyopse Survivor badge. That’s one thing they never gave me in cub scouts 😉

This wound up eating a lot of my time this week, but with the zombie invasion firmly under control I did manage to get some more painting done this week. I had anticipated that the Harbinger would be a major project taking double or maybe triple the normal time to paint a mini. I underestimated her. The only other model I’ve painted that took so long was my Chaos Space Marine Defiler. And for basically the same reason: they’re solid detail work. I would currently guess that by the time all is said and done I will have put in around 30 hours painting this one minature. But, it’s ok, since this is A) my favorite mini from the army, and B) my army’s leader and centerpiece. It’s ok by me to take extra time to do the important minis justice 🙂

So, anyway, here’s some of the work I’ve gotten done on the acolytes that occupy her base:

Once these guys have thier basic highlighting on, I’ll fix them to her base, add the side ribbons, and proceed to put the extreme highlights on the entire mini. Last step will be putting on the chains.

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