3 thoughts on “The Harbinger of Menoth: At Last

  1. Dave

    Nice article.and list. My only fear using that list would be tirraen generating opponents, since you have no way to get Pathfinder anywhere in the list I believe; I’m guessing that hasn’t been an issue in you match-ups tho.On a side note: What do you think of a Sanctifier instead of the Avatar (for multi list events with char restrictions), hanging around your infantry models early on and sucking souls in (when the new plastic kit comes out naturally) Anyway, cheers:)

  2. Mazhar

    We’ve been seeing this coinmg for a long time now. I moved to San Diego 25 years ago, and married a native San Diegan from Poway. We’re in our third new home in 7 years, so we’ve rolled over the equity and now have a fantastic place at a good rate here in Carlsbad that we’re more than willing to hold onto, regardless of what the market does in the short term. We’ve witnessed this before, about 15 years ago. Property values not only came back, but shot back up well beyond what almost anyone could have imagined. Bubble schmubble.

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