Sorceress of Tzeentch Conversion

Remember that converted sorceress I mentioned a while back? I got some pictures!! This conversion was one that just kind of came out of inspiration. I had thought about building such a model, but was planning on a normal space marine and maybe using a lot of tyranid claws to build up a sort of spikey disc for him to stand on.

Then I was in my friendly local game store and saw a blister pack for a Seraphim Superior and the ideas started flowing. If you’ve ever read the Daemonifuge graphic novel, you’ll recall that almost an entire convent of sisters was corrupted by a daemon. Also, the Sisters of Battle frequently channel some form of power to perform their “acts of faith”, they simply believe it to be the power of the emperor (and maybe it is) but in 40k such power usually stems in some fashion from the warp, and that does suggest there is some psychic potential there.

So following that line of thought, I took that sister, and made her a psyker that fell to Tzeentch. Probably to get the power to purge heretics at first, but my how power can corrupt. As a bonus she’s already wearing power armor, and I have a valid background when some off-beat fanboy starts ranting about there not being any female marines.

Following the theme of a corrupted sister, however, I decided to do something different for the disc. I used leftover body part bits from several imperial guardsmen and some mutated chaos bits to cobble together a disc made of the swirling fleshy remains of her old comrades. Pleasant, huh? Check it out 🙂

All in all, I used bits from eldar vehicles, Lilith Hesperax of the Dark Eldar, chaos vehicle bits a plenty, guardsmen bits, chaos marine bits, the sister, and a passle of greenstuff. The sword, interestingly enough, is the blade I had cut off from Lilith Hesperax a few years ago when converting her to be a whip-toting Chaos Lt. The whip? From a sister Repentia Mistress. Turn about is fair play I suppose. And goes to show how even bits you have no idea what you’ll ever do with them can come in hand down the road. A well-stocked bits box is a converter’s best friend 🙂

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