CotC: Ork Nob

Yay! More Conversions on the Cheap! When building a horde, it always helps to cut costs. especially with GW promising another price increase of up to 25% on most of thier inventory come June 1st.

So I picked up a box of Assault on Black Reach for my upcoming Ork army. Obviously we’re already looking at “on the cheap” by using this set heavily. I need ork nobz with power claws, ‘eavy armor, and bosspoles for the mobs of boyz. AoBR gives the boyz, and some nobz, but the nobz only have slugga and choppa.

I had ideas slated for using everything in the box except the termies. Termies have power fists. A Power Klaw is just a Power Fist by another name. Orks love to loot stuff from defeated enemies. So I chopped up a termie and used chunks of his armor for ‘eavy armor, his power fist is now a bionic replacement for the nob’s hand, and his leg is now on a stick and used as a bosspole.

I’m also doing magnetic parts on each nob to play wound-marker with. In this case he gets a bleeding gaping hole in his back where some loot used to be.

I have 4 spare nobz still. I’m looking at adding a unit of Flash Gitz. Termie guns chopped up and added to sluggas and a few extra wire gubbins should make suitable snazzguns. Some of the ork heads in the AoBR box have bionic eyes already for Git Findas. So I can readily convert up half-a-dozen or so flash gitz with another AoBR box. All sorts of fun to be had!

3 thoughts on “CotC: Ork Nob

  1. DebonaireToast

    The Marine leg boss-pole is brilliant!

    I really like the magnetic wound counter idea as well. I had made up some ork skull wound counters for my nobs, but moving the tokens along with the models gets tedious.
    Is there any problem that Nd2Fe14B doesn’t solve??

    Good luck with the flash-gitz. They always struck me as a unit that would be good fun to convert and paint up, but a pain to use effectively in a game – for the points anyways.

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