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2 thoughts on “Wargame Goodies

  1. Foster Bowdich

    also cool, this information is really useful and also definately will be comment suitable! ; ). I’ll determine if I can try to use several of this info for my very own blog site. Cheers!

  2. Diego

    Dude, I love WHQ. I’ve spent entire wedenkes just playing the same gang of heroes diving into dungeons over and over, and mixing up the decks to hit a different mix every time. It’s flexible and entertaining, fast and exciting, brutal and nasty and unforgiving. It’s also wicked fun.Kammek, thanks for that good news. I’ve seen some of those rock turtle things at BGG, so I know they’ve got the sculpts done. I hope that means the expansion will happen very soon.And everybody – I wasn’t kidding about the promo. I would trade something pretty awesome for the Candy & Cola promo.

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